Ethical Charter


Ethical Charter

Qazvin Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture (QCCIMA)

Obligation to Fundamentals of Islam and Principles of Islamic Republic of Iran

We obligated to protect independence, freedom and territorial integrity of Iran by observing fundamentals of Islam and religious rules, anywhere and anytime, and we always consider the interests of Iran.

Observing the Law and Respecting Common Sense

In all steps and in making all decisions, and or in doing actions, we observer the Law and manage the affairs of the Organization in accordance with the members’ views and aims, by cooperating with them and through considering the collective views.

Observing Ethical Principles and Independency

Our ethical principles are based on meeting human rights, ethical values, honesty and veracity, trust and obligation of the Organization and its members.

Responsibility and Accountability

We, as the Chamber and its branches, are responsible and accountable for our measurements and positions regarding to the macro-environment (society) and micro-environment (the members).


Besides consulting and cooperating with Triad Powers in economical programming and policymaking, we also try, as our most important duty, to focus our organization’s main orientation and cooperation to reinforcing private sector of the economy; try to improve the conditions of business as a value and merely reflect our members’ views.

Transparency in Communications

The transparency is a prerequisite for creating trust and retaining loyalty of the members and it is considered and acted upon as a value in this Chamber.

To Respect

Meanwhile, we consider Iran as belonging to all Iranian people, we also base our internal and foreign relationships on respecting to individuals and their talents, observing mutual rights and developing consistent cooperation and interactions.

Winning Relationship

We try to create and retain a winning relationship, whether in all stages of business or in treating all beneficiaries, whether macro-environment and or micro-environment (employers and members).

Learner Organization

The Chamber has its foundation on knowledge and experience, strength in the organization, and obligations between the employers and members. We learn from every experience and situation and share the knowledge among ourselves and members in order to enhance individual and collective experiences and to increase our capabilities.

To Improve Services

We attempt to improve our services, qualitatively and quantitatively, and to provide more interests for the members. Advancing technical principles help us to develop our knowledge and innovation for creating work services and presenting it in a better manner and also it help to “shortening action time strategy”.


We think of the future and try to be the best through increasingly improving the employers’ skills and by utilizing all opportunities and capacities, and we believe in this important matter.